Wanna Explore Some Fun & Excitement at Absolutely Budget Cost? Cool Staycation Ideas


It’s undeniable that staycations are a lot cheaper than the vacations abroad. You don’t have to pay for flights or allocated seats or luggage. When you travel by public transport or car in the UK, those extras come for free. You’re also saving on hassle. You can be at a train station five minutes before your train leaves. But, you need to be in an airport hours in advance. Plus, when staying in your own country, you don’t have to faff about things like changing currency. So, with those things in mind, here are a handful of one-night staycation ideas in the UK.

Get to Know Your Local Area Better

This idea of staycation is so close to home that you don’t have to pay for accommodation. You can come home in the middle and do something different the next day. Often, when we’re thinking about doing fun things, we forget what is right at our doorstep. If you live in Leeds, have you ever been across Ilkley Lido? Find out about it at If you live in Rotherham, when was the last time you went to Magna Science Park? Finding fun closer to home will save you money on travel costs too. Plus, you can be home in time for dinner and save money there. If you do want to stay away from home, find unusual accommodation, like a tipi or a renovated barn! This way you’ll have all the excitement of a vacation without the big price tag usually involved.

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Re-live Your Childhood at an Amusement Park in Staycation

You’d be hard pressed to go to a great amusement park and not crack a smile. In fact, you’ll probably be laughing and smiling all day! These places often offer loads of varieties and are really big. This means that they can take up a whole day or even two. Places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach and many more are great examples of this. You can find out more about this place at These types of places often have special offers on for their tickets, like 2 for 1, or cheaper rates for kids. Treat yourself to a stick of candyfloss or a paper bag filled with sugar donuts while you potter around the park. Challenge yourself to a scary rides and take some selfies! Finish your day with a lovely meal and take a walk across the promenade under the star and twinkling lights. There will be lots of places to stay nearby too.

Catch A Train to a Random Location

You’ll need a spontaneous spirit for this one! Pack a small overnight bag and head to your local train station. When you get there, look at the trains departing in the next hour. Pick one; any one! It could be a place you’ve never even been. Buy your tickets and book some accommodation during the journey. When you arrive, go out and explore. Get lost and see where you end up. Your free spirit will guide you and you might come across some real gems. You can check in at your accommodation first. But, your packing must be light. So, you might not need to. You could cheat by looking on for departures. But, it’s far more adventurous to decide on the day!

These are some 1-night staycation ideas. Have a look and enjoy!



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