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Resume Mistakes to Avoid If You Want the Job


A resume should be written in a comprehensive way as it portrays your image as a job seeker. You should be aware that hiring managers receive dozens of resumes for any given opening. It is well known that they also spend a minimum of six or less than six seconds in perusing your resume. This is meant to stir you up to update your resume to be as competitive as possible in the market. The following are common resume mistakes that you should avoid to make your resume competitive:

1. Using a General Resume Rather than a Targeted One

Creating a targeted and focused resume makes it easier for the prospective employers. Given that employers screen resumes for a few seconds, a well-condensed resume should show the employer at a glance what you want to offer the company. Develop a resume that has separate job targets. Seek advice on general resume writing if need be. You should include a summary of your qualifications, which should be relevant to the type of job advertised. It is very important to also customize your resume, for every job that you apply. This makes it an added advantage on your side as your resume receives the attention it deserves.

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2. Avoid Having an Objective in Your Resume

Writing an objective is one of the major resume mistakes. It is not a professional resume editing technique. If you have extensive work history; you should consider writing a career summary, profile or branding statement that gives brief information about what you are to offer the company as well as the skills that you have. Do not hesitate to have someone guide you on resume writing or even use a resume writing service especially on how to summarize this information.

3. Irrelevant Work Experiences

Human resource managers are always on the look for substance and constancy. You don’t need to put all your past work experience on your resume. When you include irrelevant work experience, it could conceal the sections of your resume that show your viability to an employer’s company. It is advisable to list only your previous work experiences; especially if you’ve been in the workforce for several years. Good resume writing should involve separating older jobs into other sections that you could title ‘previous experiences’. Use a resume writing service if need be to assist you to capture these details.

4. Personal Information

Some details are too personal to include on the resume. As a matter of fact, most employers don’t care about your race, hobbies and other personal issues, not only if they are related to the kind of job in question. It is therefore very important to have advice on resume writing. This will help you determine what to include and what not to.

5. Your Age

Most hiring managers need to know what you can do for them, they are not interested in how old you are. In any case, some additional age information like job experiences of 25 years could invite discrimination. Avoid stating your years of experience as well as your age. A resume that tells a future boss that you may be too young for the job is not good either. In connection to this, your resume must establish what you have accomplished on your previous jobs rather than of the jobs themselves.

Your resume is the only job searching tool you can use. It is a chief document in use as it precedes you before seeking for any positions. Your resume should, therefore, focus on where you are going more that where you have been. All the best in your job search! And, you must be very cautious and prevent committing these resume mistakes to maximize the probability of getting an interview.

Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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  1. Really great tips on avoiding these resume mistakes as job seeker. I was looking for some tips on crafting a good resume but here found a great article which focusing on common mistakes that we tend to make in resume. Thanks for sharing!

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