5 Available Upgrades For Your HPE Setup


Upgrades are a necessary thing, needed for almost any technological device or IT related gadget. Even the human body requires an upgrade every now and then which is why a visit to the doctor always a necessary. The tech world is always upgrading day by day, don’t be surprised if the tech yesterday is already outdated tomorrow. That is how fast tech improves which is why upgrades are essential.

Fortunately for you, HPE has all the required solutions already provided to enhance your existing servers and to make sure your organization can keep up with the competition. HPE upgrades are definite edge that is needed to thrive in an ultra-competitive environment, which is the tech world which we live in right now. If it is increased performance you need; which means you are looking to see your server perform more than the normal. It has all the necessary tools you need.

 If you are looking for more power efficiency to be able to take up more work and deliver at a faster rate, or improved networking capacity. All these and many more are the available upgrades that HPE will give you. Here are the 5 available upgrades for your HPE setup.

1. Memory Upgrades

The rate at which data usage is increasing is almost supersonic, with servers having to take more data than never before in recent times. With the rise of huge data, memory intensive processes are more common and important than ever. If you need to improve performance, then you have to consider upgrading your server’s RAM. What HPE offers are the leading memory solutions such as the DDR4 128GB LRDIMM SmartMemory module, which is the leading high capacity memory module on the market today. This is the level any server should be operating and your organization is not exempted. This is the first available upgrade that HPE has available for you.

2. Networking Enhancements

HPE offers cutting-edge networking tech that will improve and put your application performance at the highest level possible. This will be done while also reducing network downtime and diagnostic costs at an unprecedented rate. Their new 25Gbe adapters will give your architecture far wider bandwidth while consuming less power. Also, add 100Gb cables and transceivers for enhanced throughput, and what you get is a blazing fast, super reliable network that can handle your every needs today and have you ready to scale tomorrow. This is what HPE upgrades bring to the table.

3. Power Supplies

A lot of amount of energy is required by datacenters that need both 100% uptime and tremendous performance, in order for these datacenters to operate efficiently. There are lots of power solutions to improvement of efficiency but HPE offers the best power solutions. HPE provides for its customers a wide range of power solutions that would allow you implement green initiatives and also save on your power bill. With this, not only are you performing at the highest level possible but you are also saving operational cost.

Performance power supplies and flex slot power that are compatible with many HPE setups would give you up to 96% energy efficiency. At 96% energy efficiency, you are assured that your power choices are beneficiary to both the company and the environment at large.

4. Storage Solutions

A business environment, it is not uncommon to see massive data processing and big media files and it is essential that you have innovative storage solutions. It is inevitable that your servers will reach peak capacity, but what these innovative storage solutions would do is to keep your servers from reaching this capacity quickly.

HPE has available a large array of hard drives, accelerators and smart storage controllers and adapters to meet the needs of your company, irrespective of the size of the company. You should check out their line of solid-state drives for maximum performance or upgrade your workload accelerators which would reduce latency at a very reasonable cost.

5. Persistent Memory

HPE is a pioneer, a trailblazer and the trendsetter in the tech of persistent memory, offering the first know NVDIMM form factor in the industry. Adopting the NVDIMM technology will reduce your database transaction times by a whooping 400%, giving you the necessary boost in performance you require to reduce latency and work efficiently and effectively.

Industry giants like DreamWorks and Turkcell have already adopted the same form factor technology and both companies have been enjoying spectacular success since then.

HPE has 5800 satisfied clients would have using our various upgrades. Finding and installing the right upgrades for your company is the best thing you can do for your company. It will make you remain competitive and even better the competition with your new efficiency. Your employees are sure to be happy and productive, and this can only be to the benefit if the company. HPE has all the right upgrades you need.


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