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Basic Prerequisites for Having Sex for the First Time

To be real, having sex with someone for the first time is both exciting and intimidating as well. There will be too much pressure to make everything perfect. Doing some or all of these will definitely guarantee all the fun and a wonderful first time experience with your new partner. These will make you prepared […]

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7 Weight Loss Myths that Won’t Just Die & Why They’re Wrong

There’s all kind of advice; from cutting carbs to the conversation over diary and meat, dieting advice is constantly changing from week to the other. With everyone from doctors to the government and healthy living consultants putting in their two cents; it’s really hard to know, who to believe. This is especially true where the […]

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Some Important Things that Should Be Avoided While Buying a Watch

Thеrе comes a time in аlmоѕt every mаn’ѕ life, whеn hе fееlѕ thе іtсh. No, nоt that itch. Thе іtсh, the urgе, thе рull, thе vеrіtаblе rіtе оf раѕѕаgе that іѕ buуіng a рrореr watch. This is a ѕtоrу I’ve hаd іn thе bасk of my mіnd fоr a long time now – a quick […]

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Patishapta (Stuffed Indian Crepe) Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen

Patishapta is the Indian cuisine known as the Indian Crepe filled with coconut stuffings. This is the yummy, delicious Indian dessert, which helps in satisfying the sweet tooth, especially during the winters. Easily prepared at home, this delicacy provides absolute bliss to the foodies. Let’s have a look at the detailed recipe of this Stuffed […]

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Crispy Shoruchakli (Indian Crepe) Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen

How to prepare the yummilicious Indian Crepe, also known as Shoruchakli? The festival of Poush Parbon is knocking the door. And, this special dish from Kakali’s Kitchen will simply be superb to satisfy the palates of the food lovers. Let’s learn out this recipe in detail. Preparation Time: 10 Mins Cooking Time: 10 Minutes Ingredients: […]