5 Conflicts Leading to Divorce

In everyday life, you must be seeing one or the other celebrity couple filing for divorce. But the issue of divorce is not restrictive only till celebrities, but has become quite frequent among the normal couples as well. Divorce is a frustrating period for both the parties. But unfortunately when the spark and magic of […]

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It’s Not the First Time That I’m Going Through This. But, Why is It So Hard to Handle It Always?

Agreed that you had a great time with the person you thought was perfect for you. But mess happens and you are not at fault for this. Life changes and so does the scenario. And, sometimes less compatibility between each other may lead to a breakup. Advising or writing an article will not be of […]


Why Do You Think You Fight With Your Partner?

If there is any conflict in a relationship, it is not something you need to be really worried about. In one way it is a good approach to understand the other side of your partner. When two individuals come together, their lives clash and fights are bound to happen. Some fights can be handled while […]

New Year Party Makeup Ideas

New Year Party Makeup Tips to Look Ravishing and Gorgeous

Dear girls, it is completely understandable that you just cannot stay without makeup, especially when you need to look the best in some occasion. It is not always possible to visit parlor and spend dollars and sit for hours to get the best look. However, there are some makeup tricks that you can use. If […]

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High Blood Pressure Treatment: Natural Remedies

The inactive human lifestyle in today’s world seems to be leading to many diseases that affects the lifespan. One such issue that most of the people have is hypertension, which is also known as high blood pressure. There are many factors that causes this issue such as diet, genetics, less workout, less water intake and […]

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Boyfriend Meeting the Parents for the First Time?

Meeting the parents of the girlfriend is always an awkward situation for a guy. It’s good to know that you wish to take this relationship to a next level. And then, you must think from many aspects. Friends and colleagues have given a green signal for this relationship, but now the big day has come […]