Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas For You

Valentine Season is on! It is the season of love, romance and celebration. The perfect time for the love birds to express their feelings towards each other. It is the season to strengthen the bond and regain the intimacy further. Many of you must have started making plans to celebrate this beautiful day with the […]


Signs of Depression among Teenagers

Depression is a typical medical condition. It affects individuals suffering from continuous lack of interest and a feeling of sadness. It affects people irrespective of their ages, genders and occupations. There are a lot of causes of depression, especially among the teens. They are emotional stress, mental disturbances due to family issues, academic results and […]

conflict management

Top 5 Conflict Management Styles

Conflicts are a part and parcel of our daily lives. They arise from a lot of sources. They may happen because of conflicting priorities or lack of proper resources. There may be mismatch in the personal chemistry and styles. Even, people differ in terms of thoughts, values and terms as well. Thus, conflict has become […]


Thanksgiving Party Ideas: Planning a Party this Year?

The Thanksgiving party is a striking event, where individuals overlook their distresses, hatred and hold hands to celebrate the occasion with happiness, fun and satisfaction. This occasion brings people from various parts of the globe together. Friends meet, family members come together and neighbors forget their enmity and celebrate together. People try to make this […]

get rid of dry skin
HEALTH Natural Remedy HEALTH

Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winter: Natural Tricks

Dry skin in winter is an extremely common phenomenon. Individuals irrespective of age, gender, occupation are prone to the dry weather of this season. They are in continuous search of natural remedies for dry skin to evade the chilled extremities. They look for ways to retain the moisture in the skin. The major reasons, which […]

halloween party food

Spooky Halloween Party Food for the Kids

The spooky Halloween day is almost knocking the door. It is that time of the year, when each and every individual is in the mood of festivity, wickedness and celebration. And kids, especially look forward for something exciting around them. This makes parents confused at times. They are perplexed about the food items on the […]

one year anniversary

The One Year Anniversary is Special Indeed!!!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed one whole year of togetherness with each other. The first year is one of the most difficult phases of a couple’s life. A lot of transformation takes place during this phase. The major transformation being they are now couples and are no longer single individuals. They learn to make adjustments […]

benefits of meditation

Important Benefits of Meditation

Our mind is the essence of our individuality and physical presence. Our feelings, perceptions, ability to act, think and experience require the very existence of our mind. So, it becomes an absolute necessity to maintain a healthy mind in all respect. The best way to attain peace of mind, calmness, joy, better health, positive energy, […]

romantic destinations in the world

Finally I Found my Love Here.. Romantic Places in the World

Are you ready to rekindle the romance back in your life? The monotony of life often takes away the spark from the couple’s life. And, to reawaken the spark back, the couples prefer to opt for a perfect escape to the romantic destinations across the globe. Romantic getaways are characterized by lovely beach walks, idyllic […]