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4 Reasons to Getting an Annual Eye Exam


Getting the right contact lenses or glasses can be a hassle because they can be costly and there’s need to update your prescription to make an order. Thinking that using glasses and contact lenses is the best option for your eye problem is like skipping your annual eye exams.

Routine eye exam can help in detecting eye problems related to vision, eye diseases and health problems in general. A comprehensive eye exam, and not just vision screening, is recommended every year. Your eyes should be up to the challenges of an eye doctor quincy il.

The importance of getting an eye exam is beyond making sure your vision isn’t blurry. Here are some 4 reasons to getting an annual eye exam:

Top 4 Benefits of an Annual Eye Examination

1. Curbs Digital Eye Strain

Almost everything you do nowadays involves using screens such as computers, televisions, tablets and phones. The use of digital files is fundamentally changing your eyes’ basic functions, including how you blink.

Blinking is generally an essential requirement for the health of your eyes. It releases lubricating substances from the glands along the eyelids. The substances are useful in slowing the evaporation of the tear film. Staring at your screens causes slow blinking.

Without normal and regular blinking, the glands along the eyelid won’t be used up and can even clog up. This would result to quick evaporation of the tear film, meaning you could end up with dry eye symptoms.

2. Prevents Sun Damage

You’re exposed to ultraviolet light on a daily basis. Though sun damage is mainly linked to skin cancer, it also poses a great threat to the eyes. It is important to always wear ultraviolet blocking sunglasses. Going for an annual eye exam helps in detecting the potential risks associated with exposure to the sun, including cataracts.

3. Protects from Allergies

Not everybody has allergies. However, its incidence could be on the rise as a result of increased allergen counts in the environment. People suffering from hay fever, among other allergies, are vulnerable to eye problems such as itching, redness, burning and irritation.

These symptoms could be best managed with a trusted eye doctor prescribing you medicine that could help in managing your condition.

4. Assists in Correction of Vision

Farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and vision problems can only be corrected through routine check-up. You need to make sure you are seeing well. If you are using contact lenses, your doctor should monitor the health of your eyes on a regular basis.

Wearing contact lenses comes with risks such as reducing the amount of oxygen to the surface of the eye. It also interferes with the lubricating glands. Monitoring your eye only makes sure that your eye is functioning normally and your eyes are healthy.


During an eye exam, your eye doctor needs to evaluate the health of the blood vessels in your retina. This is usually a good predictor of the general health of the blood vessels throughout your body. An annual eye exam is also important for diabetic people or those at a risk of developing the disease.


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