Anger Management Techniques: Smart Tips for Teachers

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Teachers are supposed to be the building blocks of a nation. There lies a great responsibility on the teachers. Their guidance directs the future of a child, a family, a nation and the world. The teachers have to deal with the children of varied backgrounds, cultures and strata of the society. Many a time, a teacher’s mentality doesn’t match with that of the students. Also, there are situations, where teachers lose control over themselves. Students get to experience the piece of their minds unnecessarily. All these lead to confusion, miscommunication and misunderstandings. Here are the top 5 smart anger management techniques for a teacher.

1. Decide the Reasons of Anger

The first and foremost step is to find out the reasons, which trigger anger. The major reason is the feeling of being avoided or violated. The teacher may have the expectation that the students will listen to him. They’ll follow all the instructions. They’ll learn everything at one go. And, deviating from these instances makes him angry.

2. Pen Down the Reasons

The second step of anger management techniques is writing them down. This proves to be helpful for anger management. This is because; writing provides a platform to vent out the anger. It can calm down an individual. This is also the best way to analyze oneself correctly.

3. Communicate the Points Clearly

Once the reasons are noted, the teacher has a clear understanding of the points. These need to be discussed with the students. This may defer such situation henceforth. The points shall be communicated to the students clearly using the correct approach. This helps to calm down the anger. It also bridges the gap between a student and a teacher. This will improve the bonding further. This is yet one of the important tips for teachers

4. External Help may Provide Anger Management Techniques

There are several means of getting external helps, which aid in anger management to a certain extent. There are various forums and discussion boards available for the teachers over the internet. These provide the teachers a platform to discuss their issues. There is also the scope of availing real time effective advice from the professionals. This can further help in anger management easily. However, it needs determination and dedication to accomplish the goal of anger management. If it is done genuinely, one is sure to achieve success.

5. Meditate and Exercise

Stress and tension are the major issues, which trigger anger. The best way to deal with this is to do meditation and exercise regularly. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated to deal with the students efficiently. This is one of the major anger management techniques for teachers.

These are some of the important anger management techniques. These help the teachers to stay focused. They are the most influential individuals in a student’s life. They spread knowledge. They make an individual literate. They help in shaping their personalities. It’s high time that teachers leave all their stress and tensions at bay. And, prove to be a wonderful influence steering the nation to progress.





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87 thoughts on “Anger Management Techniques: Smart Tips for Teachers

  1. Anger Management is really needed for everyone because it is that emotion which causes most problem in life. One can kill the other person only because of this and many other bad actions happen. Thanks a lot for sharing…:)

  2. I was a teacher earlier in my career so I can totally relate to your 5 tips for anger management. Controlling one’s temper is critically important as a teacher. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips with us. I will share this with some of my teacher friends too.

  3. Me being an ex teacher can understand sometimes it becomes too difficult 2 stay calm amongst a bunch of naughty fellows..i guess ur tips would cum handy in such trying situations.

  4. Nice one….should be followed by everyone however always raise anger against injustice,ill-doings that are being observed happenning in society.

  5. Thank you all for such a wonderful appreciation. We request you to share tips from your end as well to make the content informative and useful even more..

  6. Every school and hope needs these and more ways to learn to handle anger since it’s a moment by moment emotion that can crop up at any time.

    Very good tips!

  7. I attended a talk about dealing with people in different ways, one of the topics was anger or running out of patience. That’s where I learned the counting technique. Like, whenever you’re about to lose your cool, just count so you can calm down. I’ve been doing it ever since!

  8. “Its high tide that teachers leave all their stresses at bay!” – this could be taken in many different ways. As an ex-teacher reading this it almost implies that my stresses are not work related and therefore shouldn’t be taken into the classroom – which is often not the case. A teacher will try their hardest and the children will keep at them causing their anger to boil. Often anger is never shown in front of children but afterwards at home for example where teachers tend to vent at others.

    • Its very true that its difficult for teachers to control their anger since managing so many children all at a time is a very hard task indeed. And, as you said, it often gets vent out in somebody or the other, if not on the kids itself. These tips will help to increase self control so that they can have a control on the anger and it really does not need to be vented out on anybody. Thanks for sharing your feeling with us. It is highly appreciated. 🙂

  9. These are great tips! It’s so easy to give in to anger but these are great for learning how to deal with it.

  10. Great tips shared! I was also suffering from this anger management syndrome since last year. But recently have started practicing yoga and it’s quite a relief.

  11. So fitting for me today. My youngest had a teacher mumble, this is getting annoying. A subject my daughter struggles with, had 2 questions. My daughter was devastated.
    Wonderful anger management tips for all

  12. I truly admire teachers, I dont have patience with anyone who doesnt seem to toe the line where I draw it…And These people have a room fuul of little inquisitive minds to look after daily 5 days a week and go home to their own too…Wow They realy need anger management Tips. Its essential!

  13. Great post! I have a few friends that are teachers and it’s hard not to get mad at students, it’s a natural emotion! These are great tips though to keep in mind and make sure you never lash out at a student.

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