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Delicious Alu Posto in 10 Minutes from Kakali’s Kitchen


Alu Posto is an Indian cuisine, which is all time favorite of the Bengalis across the world. What say? Alu Posto with steamed rice… The divine food for the Bengalis. This dish is not only the forever favorite of the Bengalis, it’s definitely the showstopper of any Food Festival across the world. And, Kakali Mukherjee, the perfect mom has gifted us with the recipe of the utterly delicious Alu Posto for us.

Alu Posto, bengali dish, bengali cuisine, bengali recipe, Kakali's Kitchen

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


1. Potatoes: 2 nos.

2. Poppy seeds (Posto): 50 grams

3. Tomato: 1 no

4. Green Chilies: 4 nos.

5. Black Cumin: 1 tsp

6. Salt to taste

7. Mustard Oil

8. Water

Check out the detailed recipe here below:

The potatoes are peeled off and cut in cube shapes. The poppy seeds are grounded in a grinder to form a paste. 1 tsp of black cumin is added to the warm mustard oil as directed in Kakali’s Kitchen below. The cube shaped potatoes are fried in a pan. The tomatoes, green chilies and salt in appropriate quantity are added to the potatoes and fried as instructed in Kakali’s Kitchen. Once they are fried, 1.5 cups of water is added to it and the pan is covered and left for 5 minutes to get cooked properly. 4 tbsps of the paste of the poppy seeds is then added to the pan, mixed properly and kept for 2 minutes. 2 tbsps. of mustard oil is added to the mixture and the delicious Alu Posto is ready for you.

Serve the Delicious mouth watering Alu Posto with steamed rice. Prepare the divine Bengali dish and enjoy your meal.

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