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Alexa Rank: How to Improve for Your Website for Free


We’re often confused with the concept of improving the Alexa Rank. The new bloggers often face a lot of problems in managing the Alexa ranking. And, they often come with the question on how to improve Alexa Rank. Since this is an important metric for your business, you must be worried about it. Here we shall guide you through some procedure on improving the Alexa rating for your website at an absolutely free of cost.

alexa rank

1. Writing Unique, Good Quality and Informative Content

This is the foremost thing necessary to improve your Alexa rank for your website. Good and quality content is always ranked high in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Thus, the traffic increases automatically. More the traffic your website gets, more is the chance of improving the rank. It helps in ranking higher and higher. Google always loves quality and unique content.

2. Contributing Regularly to Improve Your Alexa Rank

It’s extremely essential that you keep your blog going live all throughout on a regular basis. This is because, to improve your blog you need to update your content regularly with your content. Dead blogs or irregular blogs don’t rank at all. New bloggers need to publish minimum 3 blogs on a daily basis to attain a better chance to improve the Alexa ranking for your website.

3. Building Backlinks by Contributing to Others Sites

Yet another wonderful way to improve your Alexa Rank is by writing guest posts. This helps in building backlinks. When, you have a considerable amount of backlinks, the ranking improves automatically. Also, commenting on others websites helps in link building as well. It has a huge impact on driving site traffic. Thus, this improves the Alexa rating for a website for the newbies.

4. Installing Alexa Toolbar for Your Website

Alexa toolbar in your website sends the hits of your website to the Alexa servers. This is used to manage your Alexa rank. This ranking is recorded on a daily basis. When a visitor visits your website from the browser with installed Alexa toolbar, it helps in improving the rank to a huge extent. Alexa toolbar can be installed in seconds for browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. It dramatically improves the ranking of your website considerably.

5. Installing Alexa Rank Widget for Your Website

Many a time it happens that the visitors are visiting your website from phone. Or, they don’t have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. In that case, Alexa doesn’t count their visits. So, installing Alexa Rank Widget in the website is really helpful to improve the Alexa Rank. It provides a help to Alexa to track every hit on your website. This helps in changing the rank faster for your website.

These are some effective ways to improve the Alexa Rank for your website. Follow these tips properly and make your blog rank higher all throughout the world. To know the possible reasons of Alexa Rank getting dropped, click here.


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  1. I follow all the rules and guideline to improve Alexa rank for my website, some day ago Alexa rank of my website is under 10k but suddenly day- by-day my Alexa rank is performing so bad, I don’t know why? can any one guide me what is the actual problem with my site, and how can I improve Alexa ranking?

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