Alexa, alexa rank, Alexa ranking

Alexa: 5 Basic and Interesting Facts


What is Alexa? How does the ranking affect a blog? Why does the rank drop? How to maintain the rank? How to improve the rank? All these are the basic questions of one and all bloggers worldwide. Sometimes, blogger remain extremely disgusted with the sudden turmoil in the ranking. Here, we shall discuss some of the basic facts on Alexa. Have a look. Decide how and when should you panic. And, how should you recover from the disturbances in this ranking strategy?

Alexa, alexa rank, Alexa ranking

1. Alexa: What it is?

It is basically defined as an algorithm to calculate the amount of traffic having the Alexa toolbar installed being driven to your website. It is a recording parameter. And, the recording is generally based on the two most important parameters: Page views and Reach. There are concepts of Unique Page views and unique visitors to the website as well. It also states the position of a website over the last 3 months.

2. History Behind the Ranking

Alexa is a subsidiary of It is based in California. It was founded in the year 1996. It has its specialization to provide traffic data to a website via various browser extensions and toolbars. They are renowned for the ranking metric, that ranks the websites based on the various parameters discussed here.

3. Alexa Rank :How It is Measured?

The rank is calculated based on some of the combined factors. These are the average estimated daily unique website visitors and an estimated page views in the site for the last 3 months. The site having the highest combo of page views and unique views is ranked number 1. The data collection takes place through one of the various browser extensions.

4. Why Does It Drop Suddenly?

There are various reasons of Alexa rank getting dropped. Some important ones are discussed here in detail. Lack of proper content quality, lack of regular updates in your blog, absence of blog promotion are the major reasons. How and why the ranking gets reduced are explained in detail in the link given above.

5. How to Improve the Ranking?

If you’re in search of ways to improve the Alexa ranking for your website, click here. Try to build as many back links possible by writing guest posts in others sites. Also, writing quality content regularly is yet another tip. And, don’t forget to install the toolbar in your web browser.

Alexa rank is definitely not very much important for SEO. But, it is important for the bloggers to have a record of the improvement and other status of your website. If you have something more to share on Alexa, feel free to share in the comment section below.


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