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Are Elderly and Adult Day Care Centers Good?


It’s saddening to see that more and more people are leaving their parents in old-age homes. Isn’t it appalling that the parents who raised their children and made sure that their children had everything they needed are now being dropped off at old-age homes by the same children they raised? The same parents who made sure that everything was provided for. The same parents who provided their children with everything they could. Their children can’t provide for them now that they’ve grown up and started earning a living?

Let’s look at this problem objectively. Since people can afford to pay for the old-age homes, it’s obvious that money isn’t the issue. The thing that people are short of is time. Working hours have become more hectic and pay raises are scanty. People now spend most of their time in offices. In such a scenario, who will look after the aged parents while their children are away working? This is the crux of the problem. Most people see old-age homes as a way out, but that ends up making the parents feel neglected and unwanted. All your parents want is to spend more time with you in the final years of their life.

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What if there was a solution to this problem? A scenario where you could get the best of both worlds? A scenario where your parents can live with you without you having to worry about them while you’re at work. To facilitate this, elderly and adult day care centers have come up. Here are a few advantages of their institutions:

1. Helps Make New Friends

The elderly people become very rigid as they grow old and it becomes very hard for them to make new friends or meet new people from their own age group. Elderly and adult day care centers provide a platform so that they can interact with people from their age group and make new friends.

2. Don’t Feel Neglected

The elderly people feel neglected and unwanted in old-age homes. In care homes, they only spend a limited amount of time and they know that they will get back to their families at the end of the day. This helps them enjoy their time there without feeling neglected by their families.

3. Have a Great Time

Staying alone at home while their children are out working is boring for senior citizens. Moreover, they won’t have many friends in their vicinity or have much to do. In care centers they can enjoy a lot of fun activities like picnics, bowling, and trips to local landmarks along with people of the same group whom they know. It keeps them active and happy.

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4. Help for Special Needs

Senior citizens with any disabilities or special needs are well taken care of in such centers. This is an important aspect as many people worry about leaving their parents with special needs or disabilities alone at home.

5. Traveling and Transportation

These become somewhat of an issue especially with senior citizens with special needs or disabilities. Most centers help in these aspects as well ensure that your parents are given the best care possible.

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The previous generation was when our parents have raised us, inspired us and made us who we are today. We need to acknowledge this and respect them for it. Making them feel unwanted or neglected might invoke a feeling of disappointment in us. Granted that earlier such facilities were neither available nor dependable, many had nothing to do. However, with the advent centers like the Skylark Senior Care, you can be rest assured that you are availing the best facilities possible.


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