Changing the Way by Adopting Permaculture


Can you guess, in the 21st century what is the biggest problem human population is facing? What are the first thoughts that came to your mind? Climatic changes? Terrorism? Colonialization? To your surprise, it is neither of these things. The main problem is that now humans have almost no connection with nature anymore. As we are becoming more and more materialized the things are becoming more and more complicated for us. This rushing has changed us all to robots, which are good to nothing. We do not have time even to stop and think. This routine has made us more adaptive to diseases especially depression and anxiety issues.

Permaculture is a step to make people think out of the box and giving their thoughts an innovative approach. The central theme of this concept is that if we look closely to the natural system around us, we can see that nature has a solution to our every problem no matter what the situation is. This concept has been practiced for 100’s for years, and now special classes are given to people from all around the world. Thailand is most famous for these teaching and practices.

In this age, we cannot deny the fact of global warming and its effect. It has been proven a couple of by my scientist from all around the world that the ways and methods used for agriculture are increasing the greenhouse effect and contributing enormously to the increase of global warming. Permaculture is helping you produce your mass products without damaging the environment. It is also helping in the reservation of damage made by humans towards the ecosystem.

Rak Tamachat is the best institution for permaculture certification so far. It is well known for its hospitality and brilliance. Raktamachat courses, are the unique in its perspective and focuses on more of the practical word than theoretical work. Its students have brought revolution in this field, and they are invited from countries all around the world to help change their people’s minds as well. Rak Tamachat courses include Permaculture Designers Certification which is a full 72 hours course.

Here are some of the advantages of permaculture:

1. Eco-friendly

In the past five decades, a human has caused more damage to earth than the whole human civilization has ever done. The water has become so polluted that it is not even safe to drink anymore, animals are becoming extinct, and global warming is increasing every passing day. When more than half of population is busy in damaging the environment, a small percentage of people is also necessary to be there to save it. This is what permaculture is here to do.

2. Increasing the use of natural resources

Permaculture is trying to promote the trend of using natural resources. Usage artificial fertilizers, arsenical sprays, and contaminated water is not only affecting the health of human beings but also severely damaging the environment.

3. Better agriculture

According to a famous proverb “agriculture is the backbone of a country.” Agriculture was the first big step towards human civilization. It has helped tremendously in the growth and development of a country. We have seen many countries rising from the deepest dungeon to the top of the world, just by making their agriculture sector strong.

Permaculture is the new and advanced way, discovered to reduce the negative effects and increase the production.

4. Low cost

The idea of recycling and increased usage of mass products is better for the surrounding as well as for your pockets. It helps you save more money and spend in on other items like farming machinery, fertilizers, etc.


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