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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Lake Como At Least Once in Your Lifetime


Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin situated in Northern Italy, at a 2-hour drive from the city of Milan. The lake was a hotspot for aristocrats and wealthy people during the Northern Roman Empire and is a major tourist attraction. Every tourist that visits Milan for a short while has to visit Lake Como to get away from the buzzing of the city center.

Once you have landed in Milan and used the airport taxi Milan, you will embark on a 2 hour trip by train or a 1 hour trip by bus to Lake Como. For a train, you will need to go to Milano Cardona railway station to get a train. Do not attempt to get the train from Milano Centrale, otherwise, the trip will be longer than expected.

Ferry rides

Getting from one point of the lake to another is fairly easy, thanks to the ferries that operate every day. In order not to miss the ferry, check the schedule often, as some may get canceled due to bad weather conditions. But overall, the trip is a quiet experience and you will get the best views of the Italian Alps. If you wish to take the bus, there are buses that connect the towns of Como and Lecco.


There are numerous paths you can choose to hike around Lake Como and even camp there, but first be sure that you have consulted with a guide first. Almost all paths cross and descend towards the lake. Choosing the roads less traveled is a must if you are the adventurous type of person.

Pizza making classes

You cannot say Italy without pizza, so in the towns around the lake, there are classes where you could learn to be a master of pizza making.

Special meals and dishes

Serving a meal on the mountaintop may seem like a thing for the wealthy, but at Rifugio Martina and Rifugio Menaggio, you can try some awesome dishes while enjoying the spectacular view. Other restaurants like Agriturismo Sorsasso deal with meals that are made from home-grown vegetables and animals and the host is very warm and welcoming. But beware that the nights can get chilly, so grab some extra clothes if you want to stay up late outside.

Other activities

Lake Como is also famous for its twisting roads that attract a large number of thrill seekers to rev up their cars and show off. So if you’re a speed junky, be sure to get some proper gear.

Yoga enthusiasts also gather on the fields above the lake for some relaxation and stretching and it benefits your health tremendously.

If you fancy extreme water sports, you won’t need the crowded seaside to do that. There are instructors and trainers around the lake and you can rent or buy water sport gear. Also, kayaking tours provided by guides are available for any age and the prices are very cheap.


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