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5 Reasons Why Alexa Ranking is Dropping


We, bloggers always remain tensed with Alexa ranking. And, it gets fluctuated so very much that. Sometimes, even after putting a lot of efforts, we fail to get good results. And, this indeed is many a time very disheartening. So, we keep on thinking about the reasons, why Alexa ranking is dropping. And, here are some of the reasons why Alexa ranking is dropping. Just check out.

1. Reduction in the Website Traffic

Traffic is an indicator that the blog is running successfully. It tells about the reputation of the blog. And Alexa monitors and measures the progress of the site. Thus, if the traffic of your website is not steady or decreasing, Alexa ranking is sure to drop. You definitely need to have a good website traffic to maintain the Alexa rank of your website.

2. Content Quality Poor

If your website doesn’t have a good amount of contents, no visitors will be there. Also, the quality of the blogs is yet another important point. Good quality blogs drive traffic and low quality blogs give no priority to the site at all. Thus, Alexa rank gets reduced to a huge extent due to improper content strategy. It’s important that you give priority to both quality and unique contents.

3. Absence of Regular Updates

Yet another reason for the Alexa ranking getting dropped is the absence of regular updates in your blog. It is important that you maintain a frequency and post good content and update the blog and website properly. The regular your updates are the better is your Alexa rank.. If possible, try to post contents daily.

4. Lack of Proper Promotion Affects Alexa Ranking

If you depend on your search engines to send traffic, it is evident that you may not get the desired result. So, it is important that you promote your blog regularly in various social media, bookmark various sites. Attract more and more traffic and build your own reputation. This will automatically improve the Alexa ranking significantly.

5. Poor Quality and Quantity of Back Links

Lack of proper link building is another important reason for your Alexa ranking getting dropped day by day. If the site has low back links or the sites linking to your blog are not of much reputation, it also affects the Alexa ranking significantly. So, if your site has lower back links, it will definitely have a low Alexa rank.

These are the top 5 reasons why Alexa ranking is dropping. To improve the Alexa rank of your website, click here.



15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Alexa Ranking is Dropping”

  1. I was under the impression that back links were the best way to improve your rating. I never thought about guest posts nor how the content may be just or more important. Thank you for forfeiting a date to help all of us.

  2. This is the best explanation on the fluctuating Alexa rankings. But remember that Alexa rankings depend on web visitors who have installed the toolbar. It is also cumulative over three months.
    Our Alexa ranking dropped at a time when we have many visitors.
    In my opinion, Alexa rankings are not so accurate. Google analytics does a better job.

  3. Alexa Rank’s been dropping drastically since January. This kinda thing has happened to my blog before then I did some changes to my Blogspot head-tags and the rankings started improving.

    Now since January, the rank’s been dropping heavily and I have no clue what to do this time.

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