5 Facts on Diabetes, the Silent Killer

Diabetes is known as the Silent Killer. It is a metabolic disorder, which may at times become so severe that the outcome may be even death. It is also known as Diabetes Mellitus. It occurs due to the increase in the level of blood sugar in the body of the individuals. There are certain causes of this disorder, which will be discussed here in detail. Here are the top 5 facts on this metabolic disorder. Have a look.

1. Define

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It is defined as a metabolic disorder. The body has a high level of blood sugar for a very long duration of time. This disease has an impact on the potential of the body to produce the insulin hormone. It needs to be treated in due course of time. Else, it may result in various other complications. These include renal failure, stroke, heart diseases, foot ulcers, vision related problems and even death in due course of time.

2. Causes

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The basic causes of this disorder are the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient quantity of the insulin hormone as required by the body and body cells failing to respond properly to the insulin hormone produced in the body. Lack of proper diet, obesity and lack of physical activities and exercise play a crucial role to cause the disorder. Also, heredity is a major factor for causing the complication.

3. Types

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It is generally of 3 types. This severe metabolic disorder is categorized mainly on the basis of the causes. These are the following:

  • Type-1 Diabetes: This type is caused due to the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient quantity of the insulin hormone in the body. Teenagers or children are often said to suffer from this type. And thus, it is also known as the Juvenile Jaundice.
  • Type-2 Diabetes: This type is caused when the body cells fail to utilize the insulin hormone properly. This situation is termed as Insulin Resistance. It is generally dubbed as Adult-Onset Diabetes.
  • Gestational Diabetes: This type occurs in pregnant women. This happens since the woman gets a high level of blood glucose in her blood. It is also noticed that women without the history of this disorder develops Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy.

4. Symptoms

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This disorder is characterized by Polyphagia (excessive hunger), Polyurination (frequent urination), Polydypsia (too much thirst), lethargy, vomiting, blurred vision, either too much weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, headache, slow process of wound healing, too much sweating, unconsciousness, pain in the abdomen, seizures and diabetic dermadromes. These may develop rapidly in Type-1 or slowly in Type-2.

5. Treatment

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There are a lot of home remedies available for the treatment of this disorder. The patient must follow a strict diet routine to treat it. There are a couple of foods, which the individual must discard strictly. These are mangoes, bananas, potatoes, pumpkin, egg yolk, white bread, white rice, soft drinks, pasta and alcohol. There are certain foods like tomatoes, asparagus, apple, oranges, foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, oats, pulses, barley, which must be included in the diet. If situation worsens, it is important to consult a medical professional for further treatment.

November is celebrated as the Diabetes Awareness Month. And, November 14 is celebrated as World Diabetes Day. If you’ve anything more to share on the topic, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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