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5 Facts on Endometriosis

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The human body is very complex, where each part has a single or multiple functions. The uterus is one such part, where a mother carries her child till birth. Like any other body part, it is susceptible to problems and endometriosis is one among them. It is a very painful disorder as the tissue that is meant to line the uterus, referred to as endometrium, begins to appear and grow outside it. The most commonly affected areas include the bowel, the lining of the pelvis and the ovaries. Here are a few facts, which you should know about this chronic disease.

1. Acts Like a Wound

The first thing that you need to understand about endometriosis is that it is like a wound. Because of this, the endometrial tissue will thicken, bleed and break down as it would during the menstrual cycle. However, it has no way to exit the body and it gets accumulated. As a result of this, the area around this becomes irritated and develops into adhesions and scar tissues. This tissue helps to bind and keeps the organs in place. And, when this happens, it becomes painful.

2. Symptoms

There are quite a few symptoms that can help to detect this chronic disease. The first one is painful periods. Also referred to as dysmenorrhea, where the cramps and pelvic pain start even before the period begins. It lasts for quite some time causing abdominal pain and lower back pain. Many women, who seek help for infertility are often diagnosed with this. The tissue can create a hormonal and chemical imbalance in the fluid, which surrounds the organs situated in the abdominal cavity. Also, intermittent bleeding is yet another symptom.

3. Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Women with endometriosis are at a risk of developing ovarian cysts. The cyst is referred to as ovarian endometrioma. Research studies suggest that women with this chronic disease are more likely to get ovarian cancer. However, it is seen mostly in cases, where the person is about 60. Some of the early symptoms include bloating, eating trouble, pain in the pelvis and trouble with urination. Radiation, chemotherapy and removal of the ovaries help to fight ovarian cancer.

4. Age Group

It usually affects women, who are still in the reproductive years. However, by and large between the age group of 25 to 35 face this problem the most. There have been some rare cases, where girls as young as 11 have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Of late, women, who are in late menopause have also been affected by this. Owing to the pelvic pain and all the trouble it causes many women are advised to get a hysterectomy done.

5. Medication

For women who, are not planning to have children for a while can opt to have birth control pills that will help to regulate their hormones. It helps to control pain and will arrest endometriosis. Some people are not very receptive to this. So, they can opt for hormone treatment instead. It will help to ease the pain by lowering estrogen level. Regular activity and exercise will help as well. Note that during pregnancy, however, the pain subsides.

Prevention is the best option. You will be able to see red flags if you have this disease. When it comes to health related issues, awareness is the key that helps the most.


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  1. These are great facts about endometriosis for women to know. My niece had this and my doc thought I had it but mine was due to pulps in my uterus Thanks for shairng the facts.

  2. Though I have heard about Endometriosis before, I never have a depth knowledge on the factors around it. It is scary to know that it could lead to Ovarian Cancer, but I am hopeful that there are solutions to prevent from all that.

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