Cognitive Bias

5 Cognitive Biases that Screw your Life

Cognitive Bias
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Cognitive bias is defined as the systematic way of deviating from the coherence in judgment or norms where inferences are drawn illogically about various situations and individuals. This construction of individual’s reality about social self and not the actual input governs their behavior to the outer world. This often leads to wrong judgment, inaccurate interpretation and distortion in perception. The major 5 cognitive biases, which screw your life are the following. Try to avoid them in order to restore peace and harmony in various spheres of your life.

1. Anchoring Bias

This type of bias is also known as the focalism. It defines the common human tendency to rely on the first piece of information, while making decisions. Once the anchor is fixed, all judgments become biased. This often leads to misunderstandings, misinterpretations. It is also known as focusing illusion. It happens when individuals give a lot of importance to one incident and ignore all other events. It causes error in predicting the future outcomes accurately. It is a psychology, which drives the assessing abilities of the individuals.

2. Bandwagon Effect

This is a type of psychological theory, where people do things initially as others are doing them. They do not pay heed to their own thoughts or beliefs. Rather, they override or ignore them. This effect is very dangerous. Since, it forces an individual to move away from listening to his inner self. The individual fails to take his own decisions and his own life gets governed by a mass of people and not him. And, the individual often ends up in screwing his life completely.

3. Bias Blind Spot

This theory is yet another dangerous cognitive bias, which has a huge impact on the judgement of others. Failing to recognise one’s own cognitive biases is bias in itself. Individuals have the tendency to observe motivational and cognitive biases in others than in themselves. This may occur due to a variety of reasons, which include self deceptions and other biases. This bias is completely undesirable, which makes people think that their perception is accurate and rational. This can screw an individual’s life completely.

4. Confirmation Bias

We tend to listen only to information that confirms our preconceptions. In cognitive science, confirmation bias is an affinity to interpret or search information in such a way that it confirms the individual’s preconceptions. And, this leads to statistical mistakes and errors. It is a kind of systematic error for inductive reasoning. Also, this effect is comparatively strong for individuals, who are highly emotional and have deep and high values and beliefs. This cognitive bias is yet another major way to screw life completely.

5. Conservatism Bias

In cognitive science, conservatism bias is a prejudice in processing human information. This theory states that in this type of case, individuals focus more on prior distribution over-weighing the base rate and less on new sample evidence under-weighing the new pieces of information. It is a tendency of conservative mindset of individuals. They ignore criticisms and exaggerate some perceived problems unnecessarily. The individuals of this nature can never be tackled. They definitely end up screwing their life and others related to them as well.

These are the 5 cognitive biases that screw your life completely. It depends on you, whether you want to change your attitude and thoughts or stick to your biases and screw your life. Choice is yours.


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