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4 Yacht or Cruise Holiday Destinations to Add to Valentine Itinerary


A single yacht with just you and your better half and no one else, exploring miles of sea together and resting on an isolated island… Seeming like a beautiful dream or feeling like you are playing the roles of the stars in your favorite romantic movie? Actually, you cannot expect anything more romantic than this, especially when it’s the Valentine’s. In fact, the entire concept of cruising is so inherently romantic. When you picture yourself with your loved one away from the daily monotonous life and spending some alone time in a cruise, your mind immediately fills up with so much happiness. To make things easier, here are some of the best cruise destinations that you can add to your wish list and visit with your valentine this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

1. The Beautiful Catalina Island

Catalina Island
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Location: California

Just 22 miles from Los Angeles, the beautiful cruising destination of Catalina Island is a mind blowing place for people who love yachts and sailing with their loved one. The clear waters and availability of yachts and cruises make it a hot favorite for couples who booked for this trip using the TravelGuru coupons. Divers and sailors have a gala time here and while yachting, you may come across Two Harbors, one of the famous villages where you will get anchorages and moorings.

Special perk- Excellent for diving and sailing lovers

2. Heavenly yet Exotic Port Townsend

Port Townsend
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Location: Washington

When you have mountains surrounding on one side and water surrounding from three sides, you can expect your romance to spice. Moreover, when there is yachting and cruise facilities, things just cannot go wrong. The blue water together with the clear sky will make your day with your beloved the most awesome time for quite a few years to come. You can see a variety of marine life while sailing and if you are lucky enough, you can get to see gray whales, minke and orcas too.

Special perk- Offers exotic variety of marine animals

3. Sun-Kissed Destination Key West

Key West, Florida
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Location: Florida

A 125 miles stretch from Biscayne National Park to Key West, this cruise destination has everything that you and your partner can ask for. Total sea life, sun kissing the sea at sun set, various species of birds flying here and there and thousands of fishes underneath. There are private charters available or you can rent boats too during your trip which you planed using coupons from Both are equally awesome, but if you want to spend some luxury time, then opting for private charters would be the best. This route is like a sailor’s paradise. Take lots of food and drinks because you never know when you will return to the shore.

Special perk- Chic and super luxurious private charters

4. Blissful and Pristine Whitsundays

Whitesundays, Australia
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Location: Australia

There are more than 74 stunning islands that you need to cover when you are in Whitsundays. The trip can be quite long, but when you are on a cruise tour, everything seems so easy and relaxing. Cloudless skies and azure seas make the view heavenly for any deeply in love couple. Most of the part of Whitsundays belongs to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the experience of visiting all the 74 islands is simply out of the world. In addition to sailing adventures, you can also go snorkeling to explore the flora and fauna in the water.

Special perk- Snorkeling and visit to the 74 pristine islands and

Cruises tours will always be special when you have your loved one by your side. To enjoy a quiet and beautiful sailing tour, you should definitely keep these destinations in your itinerary.



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