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Super 16th Birthday with Super Sweet Sixteen Cakes


A friend, a daughter, a sister, she is sixteen and is precious to every one of us. Like a bud, who is almost ready to bloom and blossom like a beautiful flower, the sixteenth year is marked as a debut to adulthood, where this she-angel is seen full of desires and daring dreams, which she wishes to accomplish one day. While there are many ways to celebrate sweet 16th birthday, here’re the sweetest ways to mark the milestone. Well, no, these are not just birthday cakes, these are designer happiness that is full of a tableful of love and are richly frosted with celebratory enthusiasm.

1. Makeup Celebrations

makeup, Sweet Sixteen CakesAs soon as your baby girl begins to grow, she wants makeup and makeup and makeup. It is that one thing that is never enough and no matter how much she has in her stock, she wants more. And a perfect way to fulfill her cravings is by delving her into a celebration cake that is full of makeup fondant elements and can beautify her face with the prettiest smile ever.

2. Channel Bag

chanel bag, Sweet Sixteen CakesNo matter how old she is, whether she is two or fifty-two, she-counterpart loves to shop and trust us, shopping is one thing women can’t just get over it. How about you take her on a tour de France? This Paris-inspired temptation can give her a taste of French luxuriousness and preciousness with this Channel shopping handbag scrumptuousness.

3. Rise High Princess

shoes, Sweet Sixteen Cakes, princessIt’s true, girls fly high, dream high. They wish to keep high steps and enter their castle with pointed tick-tocks. She might need no inspiring princess like Elsa or Anna because she is growing up and stepping into the world on her own. So, whichever part she is in, why you not order an online cake in Chennai and dazzle her day away.

4. Golden Star

golden star, Sweet Sixteen Cakes,She is the north star of your summer sky and glows you into happiness with her starry light and shine. You can bring her the summer sky full of deliciousness and tempt her into adulthood by delivering this black beauty right at zero hours with a midnight cake delivery in Chennai which will cater to deliver in every corner of the city.

5. Intricately Prettifying

intricately design, Sweet Sixteen CakesFlowers are every girl’s best friend. The make her bloom and remind her she needs to keep blossoming with every petal of her. And to a flower like her, why don’t do make her bloom with a beautifying cake that is so full of prettiest details, and beautiful caricatures.

6. Fast and Furious

She’s pretty, she smart and deep down you know how bold and strong she is. Make her ready to face the dark side of the world by infusing strong flavors all the way from the Fung Fu panda world. This tigress is a warrior, a fighter, and what not. Mark a strong statement on her special day by ordering this fondant cake anywhere in the city of Chennai. All you need to do is select her favorite flavor and choose online cake delivery in Chennai for a hassle-free celebration.

7. Personalized Happiness

intricately design, personalized, Sweet Sixteen CakesSuper sixteen is all about celebrations and gifts. It’s a time when a girl steps into a phase that needs to be memorized. Can you think of any other way to make it memorable than this mesmerizing photo cake? This photo birthday cake can revive memories of the beautiful times once again with hints of sweetness and deliciousness.

Super 16th birthday is all about your little girl being not-so-little anymore. Of course, you can go overboard and give her precious gifts, but the gift of fancy sweet delight is worth a thousand words to preciously mark this biggest milestone.


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